by Comfort Machine

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Recorded at Erickson Sound Labs, Buellton, CA
Mastered by Joby Baker, Baker Studios


released June 1, 2011

Chris Norlinger: Words and Music, Guitars, Vocals
Michael Mooneyham: Music, Bass, Vocals
Chuck Hammel: Drums



all rights reserved


Comfort Machine Santa Barbara, California

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Track Name: Somewhere in Modesto
I think it's gonna happen this time
I know it's gonna change everything
Slip out the back door
and run until we reach the end
I stare through my window pane
at truckers flyin on methamphetamine
I want to breath sunshine
not artificial light
we can leave the dust behind
'cause nobody cares around here anymore
your tears disappear through the door
a cold wind blows in Modesto
as we float down the San Joaquin
Crawl up to your whiskey kiss
father is far and away
headphones drown out the sound of nothing happening
sometimes I feel like an old man
whose cigarette says good night
i want to breathe sunshine
not artificial light
we can leave the dust behind
Track Name: Villa Obscura
When I was a kid, I'd hide behind
Sleeves of leaves in the front of your yard
I could see you
You were so cute, in your cowgirl boots
Tyin me down, just to cut me loose
i was nervous
Why are you so afraid of me?
Cant you see that I'm just a puzzle piece
That was missin
I try so hard just to find that same old sound
But i just hum along, when the words get too profound
You are the cat, and I am the mouse
And I live in a hole, in the side of your house
I can see you
And when we grow old, we will fill our souls
With things we don't need
And beliefs that will lead us nowhere
Day turns to night, as the sunshine starts to drown
And I feel alright when I realize
One day you'll see, we all will sleep
We all will sleep forever
We all are sheep, soft and sweet
Fabric sewn together
And I feel fine, don't you?
Fireflies, and incandescent light
Track Name: Metaphors for Life
All the stars are little people in the little white cars
Just standing still
Going forward passing by
Killing time
Killing time
I like you, I really think you could fit in my shoes
I'd drink you in
Born to lose but I'm playing to win
And I pay it back
Track Name: Airplanes
Here it comes, right on time
Such destruction
She's runniing away on teenage wings
In a fashion stranglehold
18 years old
Cause when the sun is asleep
The walls are closing in for the kill
Inside out explosion
Meet me at the park tonight, right on time
I am a lion
Feeding on a star, or your collarbone
you shouldn't be alone again tonight
The walls are closing in for the kill